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Ferrari gets their first win of the season

Charles Leclerc wins his first grand prix in Formula 1 after 1.5 years of driving in highest class of motorsport.

Charles Leclerc got the double yesterday - pole and win at 2019 Belgium Grand Prix but it was not easy as it looks because four drivers (Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas and Lando Norris) were in Leclerc’s tail from lap 1 and till lap 21 nobody went to pits and the first two drivers to went to pits were Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and McLaren’s Lando Norris, both joined third, sixth and later three drivers were running on soft tiers and they were six second faster than the cars pitted and on lap 22 leader Leclerc went to the pits and joined fourth and here Hamilton and his partner Bottas choose to stretch till one more lap and both covered a lot of distance between fresh tires Ferrari car on third and two Mercedes cars which were leading the race by second over third position Leclerc and on lap 23 the Mercedes 44 went to the pits and guess what we still had one Mercedes car running in the track which was Bottas and he thought of covering a reasonable amount of gap over the second, third position Ferrari’s but this plan failed for the Finnish driver was able to maintain a distance of just 3 seconds over Vettel, Bottas went to pits on lap 24 and this strategy failed as he lost three places to fourth and when he came out of pits and even though the stop was fast (2.3 Sec) new leader was Vettel and the German was able to maintain the lead only for two laps until on lap 27 when Leclerc recaptured the lead due to his fastest lap of 1:46:664 on lap 24 helped to cover a large amount of ground and overtake Vettel easily.
And from lap 27 to the end of the race Leclerc remained in the lead and went on to first Grand Prix in formula 1 at the age of 21 years he became first Moroccan driver to win a grand prix and before this the country had 7 podiums to its name but zero wins and Leclerc did it for Morocco by winning at Belgium Grand Prix.

Great drive by Lewis Hamilton but too late-

Image Credit-Steve Etherington/Mercedes AMG

Now, this was legends stuff from the Brit because after an hard earned overtake over Vettel, Hamilton was still unsatisfied and wanted more than a podium place as he started chasing and pushing pedal for his last overtake of the race and the gap between the two was huge of 6.8 sec and only 12 laps were left for the race to end and with such huge gap it was almost impossible for Hamilton but this guy is different from everyone as he accepted the challenge and 7 laps later on lap 39 Hamilton started believing that he can overtake the leader keeping in mind Ferrari speed in straight lines and he halved the gap to 3.2 sec on lap 42 and in the final lap the gap was shortened to just 1.1sec and in the last turn it went down to 0.632 sec and was not enough as Leclerc finished first and Hamilton missed the win by six thousands of a second but still an amazing attempt by Lewis to reduce the gap from 6.8 sec to 0.632 in just six laps 
The question which arises in every formula 1 fan was that why Hamilton lost even after pushing so hard?


And the answer here is just the time as when he started chasing the leader it was very late because before this attempt Hamilton was already fast and unrested after Vettel’s overtake on lap 32 but what Hamilton did was that he rested himself by maintaining the gap of six second and not closing it and it took Hamilton 7 laps to reduce the gap over Leclerc after overtaking Vettel on lap 32.
So, Hamilton started the push from Lap 39 to 44 which were 5 laps and if Hamilton could had started to push his car from lap 32 or near it then gap would had been less and a possible win for Hamilton but a delay in decision made Hamilton pay the price.
Ferrari’s speed causing problems for Mercedes:

  Image Credit-Dennis Noten/Flicker

No, one can understand this situation better than Mercedes’s no.1 driver Lewis Hamilton because after Valtteri went to pits on lap 24 and first three were Leclerc, Vettel, and Hamilton so, from lap 24 Lewis started pushing in fresh tires but failed miserably every time Hamilton came close to Vettel (during lap 24 to 32) due to Ferrari’s top speed in straight patches and Mercedes were 10kms slower each time as in the famous Kemmel Stretch part of Circuit de SPA Francorchamps saw Mercedes slow multiple times compared to Ferrari who were getting a speed of 320 and Mercedes only 310 and this 10km gap was a frustration for Lewis Hamilton because Lewis came near Vettel many times between lap 24-30 and on lap 31 he even reached the closest to the German where both were side by side and almost touched each other but Vettel slipped from Hamilton’s hand and he had to wait for another lap until there was some clear chance to overtake completely and Hamilton finally did it on the Bus Stop chicane on lap 32 and this time the gap was just 0.3 and Mercedes acceleration helped the Brit to overtake over Ferrari’s Vettel who slipped from second to third position and Ferrari’s top speed played a vital role in Belgium.

Lando Norris bad luck:



Lando Norris almost got his best finish for McLaren after he was on P5 till the last lap when disaster struck as a mechanical failure in lap 44 forced McLaren MCL34 to slow down and eventually stop in last lap and Norris missed P5 and got P11 after completing 99% of race and failing to score points and it was more heart breaking for Norris because he nor did finish in points and neither did McLaren got any points in round 13 as McLaren’s second driver Carlos Sainz retired during the start so, eventually no driver from McLaren’s side finished in points and McLaren got zero points in Belgium.
Still the British driger got something home after he won Driver of the Day award for his efforts through online poll on
So, that’s all for yesterday’s Belgian Grand Prix and next race will be at home of formula 1 at Italy for Monza Grand prix next week on 8th September.

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