Bryson DeChambeau is the 2020 US Open Champion

Bryson DeChambeau is the 2020 US Open Champion

Bryson DeChambeau won his first major championship in Golf and successfully fended off Matthew Wolff in the final day of US Open.

Before round four, Matthew Wolf had a two-stroke lead over Bryson DeChambeau and in the final round, Wolff and DeChambeau were going side by side and there approach in first nine was different as Wolff started with a bogey on 3rd while, DeChambeau got a birdie on 4th to move -4 and tie with the leader (Matthew Wolff) whose score was reduced from -5 to -4 and in hole five Wolff got a bogey which further reduced his score to -3 and a loss in the lead as DeChambeau got an even-par on the fifth to lead the championship.

And the next four holes (6, 7, 8, 9) were identical as both Wolff and DeChambeau got even par in sixth, seventh hole and bogey on eight which reduced their score to -2 (Matthew Wolff), -3 (Bryson DeChambeau) and both ended first nine’s final hole with an eagle to move -4 (Matthew Wolff) and -5 (Bryson DeChambeau) and now, as we move towards the last nine holes of round four, DeChambeau leads by one stroke over Wolff.

Like the first nine where Wolff started with a bogey, in back nine also, he got a bogey on tenth to move one behind to -3 and DeChambeau stayed on -5 by getting an even-par on the same hole and after first-five holes (10, 11, 12, 13, 14) of back nine, DeChambeau extended his lead by four strokes because DeChambeau got a birdie on the second hole (11) of back nine to move -6 and Wolff, who had got a bogey in the first hole (10) of back nine, got one more in the fifth hole (14) to move down to -2.

In the final four holes (15, 16, 17, 18) of the event, the difference between both was of 4 strokes so, it was necessary for Wolff to get birdies or more in all four holes for a possible playoff because if Wolff scores four birdies in last four holes then, his score will be -6 (from the present score of -2) and this is only possible, if, DeChambeau fails to score birdies in last four.

DeChambeau was the first one to start from the two and he got an even-par on 15th and Wolff made it more difficult by scoring an even-par on the same hole and with just three holes remaining (16, 17, 18), Wolf needed a miracle on the next hole to stay in the fight and Wolff got a dreadful double bogey on the 17th hole which ended the race of winning the 2020 US Open as Wolff not only lost his chance of winning the US Open on his debut but also lost his under par score because the double-bogey reduced his score from even par to -2 and for Bryson DeChambeau, this was the first US Open title he won and that too with a big margin of 6 strokes over runner-up Matthew Wolff.


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September 21, 2020 - By Dhruv Trivedi

How did the Big Blue Wall assist players in 2020 Ana Inspiration?

How did the Big Blue Wall assist players in 2020 Ana Inspiration?

When the players reached the Dinah Shore Tournament Course, they were surprised to see a big blue wall replacing Grandstand in the 18th hole of the course because LPGA had decided to remove the grandstand near the 18th hole (Island Green) because of the Corona Virus Pandemic, tournament organisers were not allowed to bring fans in the course so, it was waste of money to put grandstand behind the Island Green and in replacement, a big blue wall of a sponsor was placed in that

This move (putting blue board) soon turned out as a benefit for the players because earlier they had to play 4-5 shots to reach the green which includes one from tee area to fairway and second shot will be fairway to rough because there is water surrounding near the green so, if you try to play with more power than the ball will fell in the water for a one stroke penalty and if you try to with less power and more precession then, your ball might fell on the green but in no time it will slip into the rough due to the fast greens of Dinah Shore Tournament Course and 18th green and third shot is a chip from the rough to the greens and finally a putt from the greens for an even par or a birdie but rafter the sponsors board was installed in 2020 edition, players can reach the greens within three shots in the par-five 18th and the hole starts with an opening shot from tee to the fairway and in shot two, players did a different thing as they drove their ball strongly to the 18th Island Green without having the fear of their ball falling in the water as the sponsors’ wall on left side of the green is like a barrier which is protecting the ball to fall into the water and the third shot will hit the wall and go inside the gap of wall and rough which eventually lead to a drop ball (without getting a penalty) and here, players will shot their ball near the pin and get an easy birdie in their fourth shot.

Mirim Lee and 18th Island Green: 
The 2020 ANA Inspiration winner Mirim Lee, was in big trouble on Sunday because she got a bogey on her 17th hole which reduced her score to -13 and Lee needed a miracle on the final hole for forcing playoffs and she successfully did it by first reaching the rough in her third shot and played her fourth shot from a drop ball which was fantastic shot as the ball directly went to the hole for an eagle and a playoff which she won. .


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September 16, 2020 - By Dhruv Trivedi

Mirim Lee is the 2020 ANA Inspiration champion

Mirim Lee is the 2020 ANA Inspiration champion

South Korea’s Mirim Lee finally become a major winner in golf after playing pro golf for more than 10 years.

Mirim Lee is fortunate enough to play in all five women’s major during her career and she came close to win a major championship many times and her best finish in all five majors are given below:


Tournament: Best result: Year:
ANA Inspiration T11 2015
US Women's Open T8 2017
Women's PGA Championship T4 2016
The Evian Championship T13 2019
Women's British Open T2 2016

The ANA Inspiration was the only major after Evian Championship where Lee have failed to break into top ten as her best finish was a T11 in 2015 and yesterday, she finally won a major in golf and that was ANA Inspiration.

Strong round four performance and forcing playoffs: 
Lee started round four at -10 and within 16 holes, she reached at -14 and was one stroke behind the leader but in the second last hole (17th), Lee got a bogey which reduced her score to -13 and in the final hole, she needed an eagle to tie for the lead and Lee successfully putted a long shot for an eagle par in the 18th and forcing a three way playoff between Mirim Lee, Nelly Korda, and Brooke Henderson. Both Henderson and Korda got an even par in the extra hole of playoff while, Lee got a birdie to win her second LPGA tour playoff and win the 2020 ANA Inspiration.

Final Result:
Rank: Name: Score: Par:
1. Mirim Lee 273 -15

Every person who wins the ANA Inspiration gets a chance to jump in the famous Poppie’s Pond and this year, the honours were done by Mirim Lee and her caddie Matt Glczis.

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September 14, 2020 - By Dhruv Trivedi

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