Remembering Jeev Milkha Singh's fourth place finish in 2009 WGC-Cadillac Championship

Remembering Jeev Milkha Singh's fourth place finish in 2009 WGC-Cadillac Championship

2009 Edition of WGC-Cadillac Championship is known for Phil Mickelson victory where he won a WGC event for the first time in his career but there was one more player, who equally played well but his performance in this particular tournament was forgotten in the history books and he is India’s Jeev Milkha Singh, today we go back in time to relive golden moment of Indian Golf.
It was a beautiful Thursday morning in Florida’s Trump National Doral course where, after first five holes in WGC-C Championship spectators and golfers were surprised to see a golfer from Asia leading in an international golf tournament that to in world championship, where he got eight birdies and a bogey to a strong score of -7 for a share in lead in round one.

Round 2:
In round two’s first nine, Jeev continued to lead after getting two consecutive birdies on first two holes and a third birdie in eighth hole to a total of ten under and he got a good start in second nine with a birdie on the first hole and another in twelfth hole and until thirteenth hole, everything was looking good for Jeev as he had got five birdies to a total of twelve under but it was unfortune as Jeev got consecutive bogeys in 13th, 14th hole and a birdie on 16th couldn’t improve the condition as he again got a bogey in 17th, followed a double bogey in 18th which cut short his score from -12 to -8.
And after getting one under 71 in round two, Jeev was on eighth position on the leader boards.

Round 3:

Jeev Milkha Singh (Photo Credit: India Today).

Jeev’s performance in round three was up-down, up-down as he got an eagle on the first hole then a bogey on third to one under to two under after sinking a birdie then, he got a bogey again on the fifth hole to come back to one under and Jeev ended his first nine with a birdie on seventh hole to score of -2 and his round two’s first nine was like this eagle-bogey-birdie-bogey-birdie. Jeev had a poor second nine, where he started by getting a bogey on first hole (hole 10) but he fantastically recovered by getting an eagle on twelfth and a birdie on fifteenth to end round three on four under 68 and recovered from round two shock, where he went down from round one’s lead to eighth place in round two to third place after round three.

Round 4:
In final round’s first nine, Jeev got three birdies and two bogies to -1 and in back nine, Jeev got two birdies and a bogey to end final round on two under 70.
Total score of Jeev Milkha Singh’s four rounds in WGC Cadillac Championship was fourteen under 274 and he lost the win by five strokes.

Jim Furyk (Photo Credit: Golf Digest).

Jeev also lost his third place as he was overtaken by Jim Furyk on back nine of final day because after round three, Jeev was at twelve under and Furyk was behind him at eleven under and during final day both were going side to side until, second nine started where Jeev got -1 (two birdie and one bogey) to Furyk’s -5 (five birdies) and due to this, final score of Jeev was -14 and Jim’s score was -16, Jeev finished fourth on leader boards with fourteen under 274 while, Jim finished ahead of him with a two stroke lead and score of sixteen under 272.

Jeev Milkha Singh (Photo Credit:

Jeev Milkha Singh ended the tournament on high by finishing fourth in a stroke-play tournament of world golf championship, this is his best finish ever in a WGC event and that day, he made his fellow Indians very proud by his fantastic achievement.

March 28, 2020 - By Dhruv Trivedi

Udayan Mane win’s his tenth professional title at Eagleton Golf Course

Udayan Mane win’s his tenth professional title at Eagleton Golf Course

Udayan Mane becomes second player to win three PGTI events consecutively

Last time a player won three consecutive events in PGTI tour was way back in 2007, when Ashok Kumar had achieved this feat in PGTI’s inaugural season and now, 13 years later Pune’s Udayan Mane won three PGTI events in succession.
Throughout the tournament Udayan Mane had a great average score of 67, due to this he had an edge above other players including runner up Veer Ahlawat.

Veer Ahlawat (Photo Credit: Ahmedabad Mirror).

Before round 4, Veer Ahlawat was having a huge lead of five strokes over Mane, Ahlawat started round four with a total score of -19 in comparison to Mane’s total score of -14, both got birdies on first hole of round four and after end of first nine Ahlawat’s total score was -20 with three birdies and two bogeys to -1 (of first nine) and at the same time Mane was ahead of him with four birdies, one bogey to -3 for first nine, total score -17 and now even though Mane had a good score, round wise ( -3) but then also Ahlawat was still the leader with -20.
In second nine, Mane started strong with a birdie on the first hole and later Mane managed only two more birdies in last eight holes to a total of three birdies, while Ahlawat who was the leader at that time, failed to manage a single birdie.
After round four, Mane got six under 66 in final round which increased his total score from -14 to -20 whereas Ahlawat got just -1 in final round to total of -20 so, both were tied and the tournament went to play-offs which eventually was won by Mane.
This was Udayan Mane’s third consecutive win in a PGTI tour event and second consecutive this year, below is the list of the three wins:


Tournament: Date: Winning Score:
Tata Steel Tour Championship Open 2019. Dec 20-23, 2019. 262
Golconda Masters Golf Championship 2020. Feb 5-8.
PGTI Players Championship 2020. Feb 11-14, 2020. 268

Mane won the prize money 4,84,950 rupees and before this tournament, Mane had 6,46,600 rupees and after it, he is on the top of PGTI Order Merit leader boards with 11,31,550 rupees from 75 players.

Defending Champion Shubhankar Sharma failed to defend his title and finished with tied 29 place and best performance from four rounds he played, was in round 4 where he got 3 under 69.
Next event in TATA Steel PGTI tour is Bengal Open 2020 at Kolkata.


February 15, 2020 - By Dhruv Trivedi

Aman Raj and Veer Ahlawat tied for lead in Round 2

Aman Raj and Veer Ahlawat tied for lead in Round 2

Aman Raj is again leading in PGTI Players Championship but in round two, Veer Ahlawat is sharing the lead with him.

In round two, Aman had a decent round where he got eight birdies (four in both nines) and three bogeys to five under 67 and Ahlawat had got Aman’s round one score (-7) and coincidentally Aman and Ahlawat’s scores of round one and two were identical but opposite as Aman’s round one, two score was -7, -5, respectively and Ahlawat’s score of both rounds was -5 and -7 to twelve under 67.

Now, let’s see stats of the two after end of round two:

Aman Raj Score Veer Ahlawat
0 Eagle 1
16 Birdie 13
4 Bogey 3
0 Double Bogey 0

Gaurav Pratap Singh and Khalin Joshi:

Gaurav Pratap Singh 
(Photo Credit: Sports Wire).

Khalin Joshi (Photo Credit: Sports Star) 

Best score of day two was 64 which was scored by two players - Gaurav Pratap Singh, Khalin Joshi and score of -8 gave both a big push in position because in round one Gaurav Pratap Singh and Khalin Joshi were at T20, T12, respectively and after round two both were inside top five with Khalin Joshi on third and Gaurav Pratap Singh at T4, a huge change in position for both.

K Prabagaran:

K Prabagaran (Photo Credit: PGTI).

Sri Lanka’s K Prabagaran makes a great comeback in round two after he gets six under 66 because in round one, he had got even par and now after round two Prabagaran has jumped 26 places high to T13 from round one’s position of T39.

Cut off is at one-over-145 with 50 players advancing to next round.

Dilip Tirkey:
Former Field Hockey player Dilip Tirkey missed the cut due to score of 162 and this time in PGTI Players Championship, Dilip got his best finish in a PGTI tournament at tied 124th position because in last tournament he got 126th place and this time he improved his total score from twenty six under 170 in Golconda Masters to 18 under 162 in PGTI Players Championship after Vinod Kumar pulled out after round one.

Round 3 will start twenty minutes earlier at 2:10 GMT.
[Cover Photo Credit: PGTI]

February 13, 2020 - By Dhruv Trivedi

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