Sergio Perez becomes a Grand Prix winner at age 30

Sergio Perez becomes a Grand Prix winner at age 30

A Formula One driver got his first experience of the track at age 6 through karting and started chasing the dream of racing in Formula One and 15 years later, he got the opportunity to drive in Formula One and after reaching Formula One his second dream was to win a podium and that took just one year as that 22 year-old won a podium in his second year in Formula One while, racing for Sauber and that same boy had another dream to win a grand prix for his country and in the next eight years, he changed Formula One team twice and won 8 podiums from 2012-2020 and during this time, he got many chances to win a race but all those chances were just fading away and he was making himself happy by winning podiums or points because it looked like the dream of winning a grand prix was not written in his destiny but yesterday the same guy won his first ever race in Formula One after 190 race starts and 10 years of wait because before Formula One, his last noteworthy win was in 2010 GP2 series and his name is Sergio Perez who became the only second Mexican racer to win in Formula One after Pedro Rodriguez who have won two races for Mexico  - first in 1967 South Africa Grand Prix and second in 1970 Belgian Grand Prix.
Sergio Perez gets a personal best in points tally:

Sergio Perez crossing the finish line (Photo Credit: Racing Point Twitter).

Shakir Grand Prix’s win helped Sergio Perez to break his all-time points tally of 101 points which he had achieved in 2016 season and before the race Perez was two points behind the record at 100 points and after the win, his tally is 125 points so, he has done it as Perez broke his record after four years.

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December 07, 2020 - By Dhruv Trivedi

Sergio Perez gets season’s first DNF at Bahrain Grand Prix

Sergio Perez gets season’s first DNF at Bahrain Grand Prix

Sergio Perez’s hot streak of scoring points in every race have come to an end after Perez got a turbo failure in the dying moments of the race so, let’s see the whole story:
Sergio Perez qualified P5 for Bahrain Grand Prix and when the race began Perez immediately jumped two places high to third then, the race was red flagged following a dreadful accident of Romain Grosjean and after a long time the race was restarted and Perez started third from the grid, thanks to an overtake, Perez made before the accident on lap 1 and started the race on soft compound tires and the Mexican took his first pit stop on lap 21 and rejoined fifth on hard compound tires and just two laps later, Perez was back to third after P3 Carlos Sainz and P4 Pierre Gasly took their respective pit stops.
The top three Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez remained unchanged for next 11 laps, until lap 35 came, when Verstappen pitted followed by Perez getting his third and final pitstop on lap 37 because of that pitstop the gap between Perez and P4 Carlos Sainz, P6 Alex Albon was just over 1 second so, Perez required to push his car in the upcoming laps for having any chance to get his first consecutive podium in Formula 1 and just one lap later, Albon overtook Sainz for fourth and the Thai driver was cruising towards Perez but Perez was determined to win a podium in Istanbul Park as he slowly but steadily increased the gap by 4.1 seconds in the next 10 laps to 5.6 seconds advantage over Albon on lap 48 and on lap 49 the gap touched 6 seconds.

Red Bull's Alex Albon chasing Racing Point's Sergio Perez (Photo Credit: XPB Images).

When Perez started lap 50 the gap had increased to 6.6 seconds and Albon was losing his chances of winning a podium but after lap 50, a strange thing happened as instead of increasing the gap, it was reduced to 5.8 seconds in the next two laps and on lap 53 the gap had reduced by 50% to 3.1 seconds.

Racing Point RP20 (Photo Credit: Motor Sport Magazine).

On lap 54, Perez had lost his speed and suddenly a huge smoke came out of his car and Perez had to forcefully steer his car to right side of the track and it was game over as Perez had to retire from the race with just three laps remaining and bringing his 13 race points-run to an end and a first DNF (Did Not Finish) of the season for Sergio Perez. 

Before Bahrain Grand Prix, Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo was sixth in World Drivers Championship with 96 points and on race day Ricciardo got P7 which added seven more points to his tally and this helped him to climb two places high to fourth for a total tally of 102 points and pushing Perez to fifth in World Drivers’ Championship.
Leaderboards of top five:

Rank: Name: Team: Points:
1. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 332
2. Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 201
3. Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing 189
4. Daniel Ricciardo Renault 102
5. Sergio Perez Racing Point BWT 100


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December 03, 2020 - By Dhruv Trivedi

Sergio Perez captures season’s first podium in Turkish Grand Prix

Sergio Perez captures season’s first podium in Turkish Grand Prix

Mexican driver Sergio Perez accomplished his ninth career podium in Istanbul Park on 15th November 2020.

Racing Point were below average in pre-race events as they failed to get a single top five finish in first-three practice sessions and they started the practice session with a P12, P13 in practice 1 followed by a P9 and P12 in practice two and ending the session with P7 and P10 in practice 3 but this performances were over-shadowed by a fantastic result on Saturday where Racing Point secured P1 (Lance Stroll) and P3 (Sergio Perez) in qualifying and a first career pole for Lance Stroll.
On raceday, Racing Point quickly shifted to P1 and P2 after Sergio Perez overtook second place Max Verstappen who had a slow start on lap 1 and throughout the race many cars lost traction and positions on a rain affected race but Perez and Stroll were least affected by the wet conditions as both went on to lead the race for 36 laps until, Stoll took a pit stop, rejoined fourth and this helped Perez to lead the race but soon the Mexican was overtaken by Lewis Hamilton in the next lap (37) and for the next 20 laps Perez remained P2 and in the last straight of lap 58 (Final Lap), Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc with DRS ON overtook Perez for second and pushing Perez to third but Leclerc was going too fast following an overtake due to which he had to lock up and went wide in the second last turn and Perez took this as an advantage and overtook Leclerc to regain his second place and here, Perez was not alone to overtake the Monegasque driver as his teammate Sebastian Vettel also overtook Leclerc in the final turn so, Leclerc not only lost two places but also a podium place in the same time, this helped veteran drivers Perez and Vettel to win season’s first podium in Turkish Grand Prix as Perez crossed the finish line at P2 and Vettel at P3.

From the left Sergio Perez, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel
(Photo Credit: India Times/Twitter)

Sergio Perez finally got his first podium of the season after scoring points in every single race this year and his previous best finish of 2020 were two back to back fourth place finish in Russian Grand Prix and Eifel Grand Prix. Both Perez and Racing Point jumped two places in the leaderboards after Turkish Grand Prix as Perez overtook Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc for third place in World Drivers’ Championship and similarly, Racing Point overtook McLaren and Renault for third place in World Constructors’ Championship.

Sergio Perez crosses 100 points:
Before Turkish Grand Prix, Perez points tally was 82 and after the podium, Perez points tally is 100 and this is the third time Perez have crossed the 100 mark in his Formula 1 career, earlier he reached 100 points in 2016 (101) and 2017 (100) season while, racing for Sahara Force India and this also means that Perez is just one point away from breaking his all-time record of 101 points (2017) which he will break this week in Bahrain Grand Prix.

Below are Sergio Perez’s top five points tally in Formula 1:

Rank: Season: Points:
1. 2016 101
2. 2017, 2020* 100
3. 2015 78
4. 2012 66
5. 2018 62

* - This symbol indicates that season currently running.


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November 25, 2020 - By Dhruv Trivedi

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