Shakir Grand Prix Race Report

Shakir Grand Prix Race Report

Yesterday, Bahrain became the fourth country to host two races in 2020 and before, Italy, Great Britain and Austria got the chance of hosting back-to-back races in Formula One.
Lewis Hamilton’s replacement showed good intent from the beginning of the race as George Russell and Valtteri Bottas started nicely but Russell overtook Bottas in the first turn to lead the race on lap 1 and Racing Point’s Sergio Perez who qualified P5 got a jump start by overtaking two drivers, first Charles Leclerc and then, Max Verstappen in turn 3 but in the next turn disaster stuck as all three drivers were involved in an accident where Perez who was leading the three took an inside turn and Leclerc was in thought that the Mexican will take an outer turn so, Leclerc went inside in turn 4 due to which Leclerc’s left front tire bumped Perez’s right rear tire for a dual puncture and Verstappen also became a part of the incident because after the impact, Leclerc’s car came to the right side of the turn and Verstappen who was taking the outer turn was not able to turn his car to the left side of the left turn as Verstappen in full speed went into the barriers so, Verstappen with a crash and Leclerc with a broken axle retired from the race and Perez was lucky to get away with just a puncture and Perez took the RP20 to the pits and lost 15 places following an accident and a pitstop, rejoined last at P18 and the accident helped McLaren’s Carlos Sainz climb three places high to P3.

Ferrari after the impact (Photo Credit: Autosport).

And in the start, Perez had two overtakes in one lap but after the pitstop, Perez took seven laps to make two overtakes to move P15 in lap 8 and 12 laps later, Perez overtook Lando Norris to enter top ten and on lap 56, Perez was back from where he started the race (P5) after Esteban Ocon and Daniel Ricciardo took pitstops, both Racing Point cars were fourth (Lance Stroll), fifth (Sergio Perez) and in the next lap, Perez had two overtakes - first he swapped places with his teammate after Stroll went wide on lap 57 and second was Norris for third and on lap 63 Mercedes had a double-stack following a yellow flag with a Safety Car but Mercedes messed up as they mixed up tires of Russell and Bottas due to which Russell had Bottas’ tire in his car. The Safety Car went to the pits on lap 68 and on lap 69 Perez was leading the race and the two Mercedes of Bottas and Russell were at P4, P5 after the restart and Russell was determined to win the race but before that he needed to overtake Bottas who was at P4 and Russell chased Bottas for one whole lap until he got a little opening in turn 7 and made the move by taking the inside line and overtook Bottas for fourth and his next victim was Stroll at third and in next two laps, Russell quickly minimized the gap to zero seconds from 3.8 seconds to overtake Stroll in lap 72 for third and next was Ocon for second and the Mercedes power was no match to the McLaren as Russell overtook Ocon in just one lap (Lap 73) to second.
The last standing car in between Russell and his win was the RP20 driven by Perez and the Mexican was 3.4 seconds ahead of Russell and the British driver decreased the gap by 2.3 seconds in the next five laps but on the same lap his teammate Bottas was losing power and grip as the Finnish driver lost three places to P8 from P5 on lap 78.
On lap 79, George Russell got the terrible news of rear left puncture and crashing the hopes getting his first-ever Formula 1 victory as the British driver took his car to the pits and rejoined P15. Perez was now all alone with no traffic because Perez had created a huge gap of 7+ seconds on the small circuit while trying to fend off the fastest car (Mercedes) car on the grid and Perez won the race with a 10.4-second advantage over P2 Ocon.
And finally, Perez became a Grand Prix winner after spending 10 years in Formula One and along with Perez, his teammate Stroll also got the last place of the podium (P3) and a Racing Point’s double podium finish awarded them 40 points and send them to third in World Constructors Championship and Sergio Perez also made a leap in World Drivers Championship to fourth.


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December 08, 2020 - By Dhruv Trivedi

Shakir Grand Prix Qualifying Report and Track Preview

Shakir Grand Prix Qualifying Report and Track Preview

In yesterday’s qualifying session, we had three driver replacements – first was George Russel replacing Lewis Hamilton, second was Jack Aitken taking Russel’s Williams Mercedes place and third was Pietro Fittipaldi who took Romain Grosjean’s place for Shakir Grand Prix. From the three changes, Russel was the star with a P2 in qualifying for Mercedes and only behind teammate Valtteri Bottas who grabbed his first pole after 2 races (Last pole position was in Emilia Romagna Grand Prix). Great Britain’s Aitken got the second-best finish from the three with a P17 and Fittipaldi finished last in qualifying (P20).
Charles Leclerc grabs P4:
Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc got an impressive performance by starting in the front of the grid today in the Outer Circuit. The Monegasque driver started the season slowly by getting three retirements in first-eight races but in the next seven races, Leclerc improved his performance by securing points in every race after the Italian Grand Prix where both Ferrari’s drivers retired in their home race.

New Track (Outer Circuit):

(Photo Credit:

This is the second time we are racing in Bahrain this year and season’s first Grand Prix was raced in the main circuit of Bahrain International Circuit which is a 5.412 Km long track and today’s race is on the Outer Circuit of Bahrain International Circuit and this measures at a length of 3.453 km so, the Outer Circuit is 1.959 Km smaller than the regular circuit due to which everyone will race close to each other and Sunday’s Shakir Grand Prix will have a whopping 87 laps.
As the circuit is making its debut in Formula 1 thus, it has no time records of race day but in the last three years, the Outer Circuit is the first choice for Formula 2 so, the only track record is of Formula 2 and it belongs to Mick Schumacher clocking it at 1:04.087.


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December 06, 2020 - By Dhruv Trivedi

The 3-hour Bahrain Grand Prix

The 3-hour Bahrain Grand Prix

The Bahrain Grand Prix was the 11th race of 70th Formula 1 season and also the first night race of 2020.
Two teams had sealed the top four spot during qualifying as Mercedes got the first-two places off the grid (P1 and P2) and Red Bull getting a fourth-fifth position for Sunday’s race and as soon as the race started, second-place Valtteri Bottas got a poor start and was pushed to sixth while, fifth-place Sergio Perez got a strong start and quickly overtook Alex Albon and Bottas for third and on the same lap, Haas’ Romain Grosjean got a terrible crash as his car went sliding into the barriers and instantly the car caught fire because the impact was on the fuel tank and it was so bad, that the car was cut into two parts and fortunately Grosjean came out unhurt with some minor injuries. The accident destroyed a huge part of the barrier and due to this, the race was red-flagged for 45 minutes and it was finally resumed after all the debris were removed and new concrete barriers were set on that area.

Romain Grosjean crash (Photo Credit: The Sun).

Lance Stroll crash (Photo Credit: The Sun).

The race was restarted on lap 2 and soon after the restart, the race was yellow flagged because Lance Stroll’s car was flipped following a crash with Daniil Kvyat and thankfully Stroll came out crawling uninjured from the RP20 and for the latter part of the race, there were no accidents but yes there was a third retirement not by crash but by a turbo failure as Racing Point’s Sergio Perez who raced more than 20 laps on P3 lost his podium place after a huge smoke came out of Perez’s car on lap 54 and the Mexican had to retire with just 3 laps remaining and this helped Albon to climb one place high to third and win his second podium of the season and teammate Max Verstappen took second place so, a P2 and P3 were the first double podium finish for Red Bull since 2017 Japanese Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton won the 3 hour and 5-minute-long Bahrain Grand Prix and his sixth consecutive win of the season, starting his streak from Eifel Grand Prix.
Top three results of Bahrain Grand Prix:

Rank: Name: Points:
1. Lewis Hamilton 25
2. Max Verstappen 18
3. Alex Albon 15

For the first time in Formula 1, it’s going to have two back to back races in Bahrain following inclusion of Shakir Grand Prix in 2020 Formula 1 calendar which is going to be held on the Outer Circuit with race weekend starting from 4th December and race on 6th December.

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November 30, 2020 - By Dhruv Trivedi

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