Jehan Daruvala signs with Prema Motorsport:

Jehan Daruvala signs with Prema Motorsport:

2019 Formula 3 season is a six months away with Teams transferring current drivers and acquiring new ones, which is the case of Jehan Daruvala who changed his team from Carlin Motorsport to Pertamina Prema Theodore Racing or just Prema Theodore Racing Team for next season.

Jehan had successful tenure season as Formula 2 driver where he won three races and stood on the podium for a record 11 times and finished second in 2016 Toyota Racing Series while driving with M2 Competition and next year when Jehan decided to shift to Formula 3 and the first contract he signed was of Carlin.
Formula 3 European Championship semed perfect as he raced straight 30 races for Carlin and finished second in the Rookie cup only behind Rookie of the Year (Londa Norris) and people won't believe today that he was ranked above, this year champion Mick Schumacher in his first season as a Formula 3 rookie. 

This year's season was quiet good for Jehan with four podiums and an amazing win at SPA (Belgium) and he ended the season by ranked 10th out of 26 drivers and best thing Jehan did was that he outclassed all his five teammates  as Ameya Vaidyanathan, Sacha Fenestraz , Julian Hanses, Nikita Troitskiy, and Ferdinand Habsburg were all behind him in ranking and points with Sacha Fenestraz being the closest on 11th position which was an unbelievable achievement for Jehan.

Jehan's teammate for 2019 season is New Zealander Marcus Armstrong  who changed his class from Italian Formula 4 to Formula 3 and will race under same team name (Prema Motorsports) while the difference is only team and class as earlier he raced for Prema Powerteam  in Formula 4 and now will race with Prema  Theodore Racing for Formula 3.
The inaugural season of Formula 3 Championship will begin from 2019 Spanish Grand Prix in 11 May. 
We here, at DKT Sports wish Jehan best of luck for a career changing move.

December 06, 2018

CEO of Fiat Cheryshel no more....

CEO of Fiat Cheryshel no more....

Former CEO of Fiat Chrysler Dies at the age of 66
Sergio Marchionne the man who started his career as an accountant and a tax speciaist for Delotitte and Touche in Canada had never known himself that one day he will be CEO of Fiat.

He was instrumental in Fiat Group formation with US auto maker Cherysler and he ws so, determined with his job that just after 2 years of collaboration he introduced Chapter 11 which benefited Cherysler to return to profitability, repaying all the government loans.
Now after 2009 (the year when the allied) Fiat Cherysler are the seventh largest automobile manufactures in the world.

There was suspicious doubt about Marchionne health after he resigned from all his positions at FCA, Ferrari, CNH Indutries N.V and from SGS on 21st July by having board meetings after every alternate day, later on July 5 Fiat Cherysler reported Marchionne was undergone a shoulder right surgery due to which he won’t be able to attend the board meetings after the post-surgical complications.

The right shoulder was never treated as it continued to create problems and there was last attempt made by doctors to remove the chronic pain but during the operation Marchionne suffered a cerebral embolism which sent him to coma after 2 hours he suffered permanent brain damage and was being kept on a life support system machines with no sign of hope and eventually he died on July 25 2018, aged 66.

July 25, 2018 - By Dhruv Trivedi

Revenge taken at the German Grand Prix….

Revenge taken at the German Grand Prix….

Here in the north-east of the state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany we witnessed an amazing Hockenheimring race resulting a first 1-2 finish for the Silver Arrows and a revange from Lewis Hamilton who lost his home race in silverstone, settled the scores by winning in Germany which is coincidental home Sebastian Vettel.

After Saturdays qualifying Sebastian Vettel, Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen had great chance of winning due to Lewis Hamilton’s crash after the finish of third qualifying and during race day Vettel lost the lead after leading till lap 26 when he went to the pits and Kimi went on to lead the race till lap 42, when he was ordered by Ferrari to give up the lead to Seb who had a chance to gain increase the lead to 25 points in the Drivers Constructors Championship.

On lap 43 Lewis played a big gamble as placed ultra-soft tyres to cover up some spaces to Kimi but ignoring the fact that there was possibilities of rain and till that time he was 4th.
The all-important moment came in lap 51 when leader Sebastian Vettel crashed due to an accident and resulting Bottas to lead the race but he later allowed to Lewis to pass him following the team orders.
Final position after the crash are 1st Lewis, 2nd Bottas, 3rd Kimi and a DNF for Seb.

There were 5 DNFs in the race but an important driver we lost in the race apart from Seb was Daniel Ricciardo who retired due to power loss and this was his second retirement is three races, the first came in Austrian Grand Prix.


July 23, 2018 - By Dhruv Trivedi

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