Royal Calcutta Golf Club likely to resume in early June

Royal Calcutta Golf Club likely to resume in early June

A week ago, super cyclone Amphan hit at East India and West Bengal was one of the worst affected states by this cyclone.
In Kolkata, there are two prestigious golf clubs - Royal Calcutta Golf Club and Tollygunge Golf Club. Both clubs were affected by 150+ MPH speed storm and are severely damaged by the same.
RCGC in Kolkata was already closed, due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic and it was going to re-open on 23rd May but due to the Amphan cyclone, it looks like, that RCGC may remain closed, and expected to open in early June.
During these tough times, professional golfer, Udayan Mane articulated a positive side of this cyclone and said, “Obviously, the damage caused by the cyclone is devastating and irreversible. However, there is a plus side to it. Golf courses can rebuild those affected parts to their liking and make it better.”
And he also said, “They can also fortify structures that can withstand such calamities in the future which will not only protect the golf courses but the golfers as well. RCGC and Tollygunge Club are very reputable and prestigious clubs, so I have no doubt they will bounce back and further improve what was already perfect”.
Udayan Mane is having a great season in 2020, where he achieved three podiums from three tournaments which includes two win and one runner-up finish at Bengal Open Championship 2020.
After Bengal Open, Udayan Mane achieved his career best ranking of 223 in official world golf rankings and currently, he is the second highest ranked golfer in India, only behind Rashid Khan who is ranked at 185th.
Amphan was the first super cyclone occurred in Bay of Bengal since, 1999 and as time passes, West Bengal will overcome from this dreadful situation and possibly golf courses will also open up.


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May 27, 2020 - By Dhruv Trivedi

Gaganjeet Bhullar’s first professional victory

Gaganjeet Bhullar’s first professional victory

Punjab’s Gaganjeet Bhullar is one of the most popular golfers in India and is a professional player for the last 16 years.
Bhullar started his professional career in 2006 on the Professional Golf Tour of India (PGTI) and won nine tournaments in it, and over the course of his career, he has joined and played many big tours like Asian Tour, European Tour and many more. Asian Tour is one of his prime events because he has won it for a record nine times.
Bhullar’s first career victory came three years later, after making his debut in 2006.
Fourth tournament of 2009 PGTI season was PGTI Players Championship at Panchkula Golf Club from 12-15, March, 2009.
Round 1:
Large no. of players got under par scores in round one and young 21-year-old Bhullar scored eight birdies, one bogey for seven under 65 and led the event on day one.
Round 2:
Bhullar started round two well by getting birdie on the first hole but in his very next hole, he got a double bogey followed by a bogey on third hole and before ending his first nine, he added two more birdies on 4th and 5th hole for even par on first nine, but second nine’s bogey on 16th hole, increased the score to +1 and Bhullar lost the lead.
Round 3:
Bhullar made an amazing comeback in round three by scoring seven birdies and giving away only one bogey to a round score of 66 and came back to the lead but sharing it with Vijay Kumar at overall score of twelve under.
Round 4:
On Sunday’s deciding round, Bhullar led the first nine by scoring -2, lowering his score to -16 from -14 and during that time, Kumar got even par to stay at -12.
Kumar missed birdies in last nine and again got even par score, for the second time in final round and Bhullar got way ahead of him on last nine by scoring five under 67.

Panchkula Golf Club, Haryana 
(Photo Credit: TripAdvisor).

Final result of Bhullar and Kumar was -19 and -12 respectively and Bhullar added -7 in his final round while, Kumar stayed at the same score of -12, due to final round’s total score of even par.

Final Result:

Position: Par: Round 1: Round 2:
1. -19 65 73
Round 3: Round 4: Final Score:
66 65 -19

Gaganjeet Bhullar won the 2009 PGTI Players Championship by a big margin of seven strokes and captured his first career victory in Haryana. This win was a big confidence booster for Bhullar because that year, he won four more PGTI tournaments, to a total of five victories in 2009, a remarkable achievement by Gaganjeet Bhullar.

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May 04, 2020 - By Dhruv Trivedi

Remembering Jeev Milkha Singh's fourth place finish in 2009 WGC-Cadillac Championship

Remembering Jeev Milkha Singh's fourth place finish in 2009 WGC-Cadillac Championship

2009 Edition of WGC-Cadillac Championship is known for Phil Mickelson victory where he won a WGC event for the first time in his career but there was one more player, who equally played well but his performance in this particular tournament was forgotten in the history books and he is India’s Jeev Milkha Singh, today we go back in time to relive golden moment of Indian Golf.
It was a beautiful Thursday morning in Florida’s Trump National Doral course where, after first five holes in WGC-C Championship spectators and golfers were surprised to see a golfer from Asia leading in an international golf tournament that to in world championship, where he got eight birdies and a bogey to a strong score of -7 for a share in lead in round one.

Round 2:
In round two’s first nine, Jeev continued to lead after getting two consecutive birdies on first two holes and a third birdie in eighth hole to a total of ten under and he got a good start in second nine with a birdie on the first hole and another in twelfth hole and until thirteenth hole, everything was looking good for Jeev as he had got five birdies to a total of twelve under but it was unfortune as Jeev got consecutive bogeys in 13th, 14th hole and a birdie on 16th couldn’t improve the condition as he again got a bogey in 17th, followed a double bogey in 18th which cut short his score from -12 to -8.
And after getting one under 71 in round two, Jeev was on eighth position on the leader boards.

Round 3:

Jeev Milkha Singh (Photo Credit: India Today).

Jeev’s performance in round three was up-down, up-down as he got an eagle on the first hole then a bogey on third to one under to two under after sinking a birdie then, he got a bogey again on the fifth hole to come back to one under and Jeev ended his first nine with a birdie on seventh hole to score of -2 and his round two’s first nine was like this eagle-bogey-birdie-bogey-birdie. Jeev had a poor second nine, where he started by getting a bogey on first hole (hole 10) but he fantastically recovered by getting an eagle on twelfth and a birdie on fifteenth to end round three on four under 68 and recovered from round two shock, where he went down from round one’s lead to eighth place in round two to third place after round three.

Round 4:
In final round’s first nine, Jeev got three birdies and two bogies to -1 and in back nine, Jeev got two birdies and a bogey to end final round on two under 70.
Total score of Jeev Milkha Singh’s four rounds in WGC Cadillac Championship was fourteen under 274 and he lost the win by five strokes.

Jim Furyk (Photo Credit: Golf Digest).

Jeev also lost his third place as he was overtaken by Jim Furyk on back nine of final day because after round three, Jeev was at twelve under and Furyk was behind him at eleven under and during final day both were going side to side until, second nine started where Jeev got -1 (two birdie and one bogey) to Furyk’s -5 (five birdies) and due to this, final score of Jeev was -14 and Jim’s score was -16, Jeev finished fourth on leader boards with fourteen under 274 while, Jim finished ahead of him with a two stroke lead and score of sixteen under 272.

Jeev Milkha Singh (Photo Credit:

Jeev Milkha Singh ended the tournament on high by finishing fourth in a stroke-play tournament of world golf championship, this is his best finish ever in a WGC event and that day, he made his fellow Indians very proud by his fantastic achievement.

March 28, 2020 - By Dhruv Trivedi

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