Liverpool are Champions of Europe

Liverpool wins UEFA Campions League for a record sixth time and breaks a 14 years of title drought. Two goals were enough for Liverpool to defeat Tottenham Hotspur and become European champions after missing out last time against Real Madrid.
Liverpool’s first goal was the second fastest goal in UCL history at 23 seconds and but why was it clocked 108 second officially?
The reason being that initially Liverpool won the penalty in 23 seconds by Slovenian referee Damir Skomina but for setting the ball, getting Spurs keeper ready, Mohamed Salah scoring, and this all led to an additional 85 seconds so, the final time when the goal was scored was 108 seconds. World Cup winning team captain Hugo Lloris who saved three penalties this year, judged the ball right in centre but the ball was little bit high and fast because of which Lloris wasn’t able to stop it and 1-0.
And this opening goal was so impacting on minds of Tottenham players because from the start Spurs gave away a goal and now had to worry about the equalising as they were behind Liverpool just in 1 minute of start and that to in a Champions League final and Liverpool knew this, and started pressurizing Spurs till the first half and condition of Spurs was so worse in first half that, Tottenham had shot on goal for only 6 times compared to Liverpool’s 8 shots and Liverpool had 60% possession in the opening half.
After second half started, the match remained silent as attacking plays very less between 1-2 but suddenly after the clock crossed 65th minute Liverpool and Spurs started attacking like someone has woke them up that match is still left and guys you won’t believe that both teams started shooting from alternate ends and in just thirty minutes Liverpool’s had 6 shots and Tottenham had 10 shots and Spurs finally got a chance to attack in 65th minute because in last 65 minutes Tottenham was doing only one thing of clearing the ball and now in 65th minute Liverpool’s defence opened up a little bit which gave Spurs attacking trio of Son Heung Min, Cristian Erikson, and Harry Kane a chance to capitalize and they did by Son Heung Min doing solo runs, Cristian Erikson shooting from 40-30 yards and Harry Kane tried to shoot close shots whenever he got good cross from Son but today luck was not with Tottenham because in the 87th minute Spurs failed to the clear the lines from corner as one Belgian central defender Jan Vertonghen miscues the header and fellow Belgian attacker Divock Origi won the ball and scored the winner from left flank and Captain Lloris failed to stop a lower-right shot and it was good night Spurs because after the second goal only, three minutes were left plus injury time and unfortunately Spurs failed to make a comeback during the remaining time and Liverpool become European Champions after 14 years.
1977, 1978, 1981, 2005, and today in 2019 Liverpool won the premier competition in European Football with coach Jurgen Klopp who today finally gave Liverpool their first major competition win after missing out in his previous tries as Manager (2015-16 League Cup runner ups and Europa league runner ups 2015-16) and this is also his first UEFA Champions Tropy win as a player or Coach.
And Tottenham reached the Finals for the first time so, a special given a guard of honour was given by Liverpool as all Liverpool players stood aside from two sides and clapped for Spurs team.

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