Alonso urging to Convalesce in 2016


McLaren is seen overwhelmed in the 2015 F1 championship. Fernando Alonso is keen to make an impact in the upcoming formula 1 season.

A full of dramatic season for the two time world champion bringing lesser points for the new team and not at all satisfactory. Though this was his tough season he had some pleasing races in Japanese and Austin grand prix.

Compared to other seasons of Alonso this was the most unfavourable season. But still the Spanish major has full hope on his team as he said, "We have high hopes for the next year and I really trust the team and we have talented people and resources to have everything we want."

He is insignificantly 5 points ahead from the 2009 world champion Button. Alonso said that his car has responded well as aerodynamically they understand the direction to go which shows how good they are at corners but the engine is the question mark.

Alonso believes that a the end of debut season they were step ahead compared to the Hybrid engines of Ferrari and Renault struggles in their first season.

By contemplating the situation of engine lacking, Honda chief Arai Yasuhisa acknowledges and says "hard work considering the preparation of time". McLaren and both the drivers have to me an impact to regain some their name and place in Formula 1 in 2016.

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