In conversation with Jahanvi and Hitaashee Bakshi

In conversation with Jahanvi and Hitaashee Bakshi

Having a sibling is always a great blessing as there is always someone who takes care of you and every sibling be it brother-sister, two sisters or two brothers are usually different from the other as one like what other don’t and in some scenarios, sibling have a similar profession and same is the case of Hitaashee and Jahanvi Bakshi, both are sisters and both pursue the same profession of golf but their likes and dislikes are different and their journey is little different. DKT Sports was lucky enough to take the dual interview of Hitaashee and Jahanvi Bakshi in the recently concluded Leg 6 of Hero Women’s Professional Golf Tour.


When did you start playing golf?
Jahanvi Bakshi: I started playing golf when I was eight years old.
Hitaashee Bakshi: I started playing golf when I was six years old.
But why you choose golf as a career?
Jahanvi Bakshi: In the beginning our parents wanted us to be in any sports beside studying so, we tried all the sports we like none so, then our grandfather suggested that we should try golf so, I started first and then she followed.
Hitaashee Bakshi: Same.
How were your early years in golf?
Jahanvi Bakshi: Amateur and junior career were fine for me so, I used to finish in top 2, top 3 then later in the years I picked up when I was in “A” category so, I picked up and I started coming first then I finished first for the national year.
Hitaashee Bakshi: I am always been first in every category I have played from my “E” category to my “A” category and back in 2019, I was India’s no. 1 playing amateur, in all categories I was always no. 1.
How was your first year as a professional?
Jahanvi Bakshi: Still going on the first year in my professional so, far so good I hope I will win more in the future.
Hitaashee Bakshi: For me, it’s been good I have been learning a lot of things so, it’s going good.
How does it feel to finally win in the Hero Women’s Professional Golf Tour?
Jahanvi Bakshi: It was a great feeling, it felt like it was a part of the journey that was completed successfully like a stepping stone towards reaching the final goal which is winning in the LPGA and finally entering the LPGA Hall of Fame.
Hitaashee Bakshi: It was good and it was feeling like back to life.
What changes you have done in your game which is helping you to play fantastically well in 2021?
Jahanvi Bakshi: So, my hitting has been my good point so, I figured that out if I can play on my hitting and I try to hone the skill better, short game I improved it and mentally obviously I had to improve.
Hitaashee Bakshi: So, I feel I mentally more confident than before, after winning than, becoming professional that’s the biggest change I had.
Can you say something about your sister who plays on the same tour?
Jahanvi Bakshi: She is an amazing competitor, she inspires me every minute, every shot and how to be mentally strong and be brave, fight for every shot, she teaches me that how to fight for it.
Hitaashee Bakshi: Its fun watching her and learning stuff which I have actually never seen when we both were playing in amateur, she turned professional and me looking at her is some next level so, it’s been a great journey playing with her.

How do you balance between being a sister and a competitor?
Jahanvi Bakshi: Nothing, while on course we are competitors we play for our own shots and when we are outside the course, we analyze each other’s game like today you got to play shots here, or maybe what was wrong today and helping each other, when you are on course you are playing for your own game, when you are off course you help out.
Hitaashee Bakshi: Same.
By getting multiple top five this year, is it helping you both to get a potential sponsor or you both already have a sponsor?
Jahanvi Bakshi: DLF is already sponsoring us and hopefully it will continue to sponsor us.
Hitaashee Bakshi: DLF has been quite supportive.
Jahanvi Bakshi: And even in our amateur years the DLF Junior Golf Excellence Program sponsored us which helped us tremendously and once we have turned professional, they have continued their support and we are what we are because of DLF.
Who is the better golfer?
Jahanvi Bakshi: It’s a deuce, you can’t decide.
Hitaashee Bakshi: Exactly.

How much your parents have supported you to play this game?
Jahanvi Bakshi: Our father is in the Army so, he has saved up every penny he could for us to continue playing golf obviously sponsorship by DLF has been a major change, our mother has been always been with us in each and every shot she’s with us so, she’s been an excellent motivator.
Hitaashee Bakshi: Our parents both mom and dad have supported us throughout our golfing career they are our pillars of strength and motivation and they have been always by our side, I am proud of them.
How impressed are your parents with your success?
Jahanvi Bakshi: It is a part of the journey like I have said and it’s a stepping stone so yeah, a little bit.
Hitaashee Bakshi: This is just the beginning of a journey and every journey starts with a single step so, this the first step.
Do you both have the same coach or a different coach?
Jahanvi Bakshi: Same coach.
Hitaashee Bakshi: And we both have worked under  Anitya Chand for the past ten years.
What club suits you the best?
Jahanvi Bakshi: For me, it would be me driver and pitching wedge.
Hitaashee Bakshi: For me, it's my lob wedge and 7 iron.
Goal in the coming three years?
Jahanvi Bakshi: Making it into the Ladies European Tour.
Hitaashee Bakshi: Making myself as strong as possible and making the tour card in Q-School and then go to the LPGA.
What is your ultimate dream?
Jahanvi Bakshi: To enter the LPGA Hall of Fame.
Hitaashee Bakshi: To become world number 1.

By Dhruv Trivedi

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