Interview of Harmeet Singh, Director of Golf at Mohali Golf Range

Interview of Harmeet Singh, Director of Golf at Mohali Golf Range

COVID-19 has affected the golf Industry and for three months golf courses and ranges across India were closed due to lockdown. In late May, the Indian government gave a relaxation for golf courses/ranges and allowed owners to open up their golf course and driving range but with restrictions.
On 2nd June, Mohali Golf Range (MGR) opened their golf driving range and allowed members to play golf in Mohali Golf Range at Chandigarh. Recently, we took an interview of Mohali Golf Range’s Director of Golf, Harmeet Singh.


Is the Golf range open?
Has the golf range introduced new rules after lockdown?
Yes, we are doing a contact-less golf.
Has the golf academy opened up?
Are there any tournaments coming-up in one or two months?
We are not planning any tournaments, yet.
Are facilities like swimming pool and sauna open?
About Mohali Golf Range:
Mohali Golf Range is a golf driving range, established in 2015 by Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) and the MGR is considered as one of the largest stand-alone golf learning and practice facilities cum driving range and the golf range is in the heart of Mohali, Punjab.


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June 06, 2020 in Interviews

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