Why Bodybuilding was excluded from Asian Games?

Why Bodybuilding was excluded from Asian Games?

Bodybuilding was part of Asian Games from 2002-2006 and it was removed from the Asian Games after 2006 and today we found out the reason behind such an audacious move.

In 2002, the sport of Bodybuilding officially debuted in 14th Asian Games held at Busan, South Korea. The sport was only limited to men and in it 20 nations participated to compete in eight weight categories starting from 60 kg to 90+ kg.
Host, South Korea were the most successful team with 3 golds and 2 bronze in Bodybuilding. This ended a successful debut of Bodybuilding in the Asian Games.
But Bodybuilding of 2002 Asian Games was very different from 2006 games because of multiple scandals, controversy and notably there were three scandals which jiggled the Asian Games from inside.

Three main scandals happened in 2006 Doha Asian Games:
1. Saad Faeaz – First out-of-competition disqualified athlete: 
On December 4th, Iraqi Bodybuilder Saad Faeaz, arrived on Doha International airport and was caught red handed with a luggage full of nandrolone - an androgen and anabolic steroid which helps to build muscle bulk. Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) didn’t arrested Saad, on the airport itself and OCA wanted to wait for the investigation outcome so, they didn’t inform the Qatari authorities and surprisingly, Faeaz was allowed to compete in his weight category (75 kgs) on December 8th.
Faeaz finished 7th overall with 36 points. Few days later, after the final results, OCA disqualified Faeaz for a doping offence, without even testing.

Husain Al Musallam, OCA director general, said Faeaz did not test positive in competition. Nandrolone is not illegal in Qatar, although it is prohibited for use by athletes.
"It's still a doping offense if it's not in his body, even to carry the banned substance is an infringement of the anti-doping code and whether it was meant for his personal use, we have no way of knowing," he said.
Saad Faeaz became the first athlete in Asian Games to get disqualified in an out-of-competition doping.
2. Three Hong Kong Bodybuilder suspended:
International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) had deferred three Hong Kong bodybuilders from Asian Bodybuilding Championship of 2005 for testing positive but even after Asian Championship incident, Asian Bodybuilding Federation (ABBF) permitted these three dope-tainted bodybuilders to participate in 2006 Asiad Games.

Later, IFBB found the group of Wong Kwong Sun Andy, Chan Yu To and Lam Man Shing, guilty because they already knew, that they were suspended in Asian Championship in the previous year and then also, they competed in 15th Asian Games.
All three bodybuilders were suspended for two years and fined 2000$ each.

Main Culprit:
The Main man behind this scandal was ABBF’s secretary general Paul Chau, who was found guilty by IFBB for violation of IFBB Constitution, Code of Ethics and Anti-Doping while, investigating on a non-related matter.
Subsequently, IFBB took the decision to remove Chau from executive assistant post of IFBB and not only that, he was also adjourned from his current position of vice president of ABBF.
Dr Eng. Adel Fahim El Sayed of Egypt replaced Chau as the executive assistant of IFBB.
3. Controversial Judging decisions:
Judging standards of Bodybuilding in the 2006 games was considered poor and this led to widespread protest from many countries and the matter got worse when, Mohammed Salem Al-Zahmi of United Arab Emirates was preferred over Sazali Abdul Samad for gold medal in 65 kg weight category by the judges and seeing this, Malaysia protested vehemently against the decision because a few months back, Sazali had won “Mr. Universe” for Malaysia and to see him miss the gold medal, was a hard fact to digest for Malaysian fans and it created huge controversy.

The second edition of Bodybuilding at the Asian Games (2006) was highly controversial and due to this, the Olympic Council of Asia decided to exclude bodybuilding from Asian Games. So, 2006, Doha Asian Games was the last time when, Bodybuilding was part of the games.
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By Dhruv Trivedi

April 19, 2020 in Bodybuilding

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