Indian Traditional Games

Indian Traditional Games

Sports has been an integral part of Indian culture and its history. Sports in terms of ancient traditional games have helped to make the childhood of men memorable. Since, now a days has current generation has deeply addicted to video games.
On the current lockdown due to corona virus we look back at some indoor traditional games.
Chaupar or Pachisi a board game which was quite popular in ancient India. The game finds it’s mention in the Mahabharata, the game was also quite popular during ancient times.

Chaupar Game:

It involves two to four players who strategies their pawns move’s on piece of cloth designed in the shape of a symmetrical cross to win the game.
Chaupar is also a board game which was invented around the 4th century. It includes two to four players who use cowry shells and wooden pawns to plan their manoeuvres and win the game.


The contemporary version of Chaupar is Ludo which everyone must have played in their childhood.

By Harsh Pargat.

March 24, 2020 in Guest Articles

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