Roger Federer wins 353rd Grand Slam Match

Roger Federer wins 353rd Grand Slam Match

Today’s second semi-final was between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal which was an exciting one as Federer edged pass Nadal in the first set by 7-6 and won the tie breaker 7-3 and Rafa dominated set won it 6-1.

Now, Nadal’s second set game was a big boosters for him cause this was followed in set three where Rafa got an outright lead of 2-0 but Federer equalled the score card to 1-1 then a big moment came for Federer, a 25 shot rally and winning this rally brought Federer back in the game as he went on to win 4 games to Rafa’s one in the process of winning set three and leading two games to one.
Then the all-important set came, set 4 and a deciding set for Federer and this was the best set of the tournament.
Nadal served the first game of the set four and won game one and Federer equalled and in between game three both shared the longest rally of the match of 26 shots.
After it was two games all then one player remained stagnant (Nadal) as he won only three games compared to Federer’s five and yes it was 3-5 when we approached game eight.
Game 8:

Game eight was a special one because it was Rafa’s roadblock which prevented Federer to win just one game so, Nadal served for game eight and won the first point to fifteen love and straight away Federer equalled to fifteen all and Federer won back to back games for 15:40 and coincidentally Federer got two double fault which led him to have away two points which he just won and to first deuce of game eight and further information is given below:

Advantage: Nadal.
2nd Deuce: Federer wins a volley.
Advantage and Match point Federer.
3rd Deuce: Nadal saves himself from knockout following a left forehand shot.
Advantage and 2nd Match point Federer: For a point win.
5th Deuce and game point: Nadal.

And as we know Rafa fights till the very end as won his fourth game in set four and at that time score was 4:5.
Before game nine started Rafa took a long break of five minutes in between for changing his shoes and three minutes later Federer reached the ground to  serve for game nine and it took two minutes for Nadal to enter the ground as he was still was wearing his shoes when Federer had already reached in the ground.

9th Game started like this:

0:15 - Federer wins the first point of game nine.
15:15 - Federer getting pressure of second serve and Nadal wins point two.
30-30 - Federer misses his shot by inches and loses his last video challenges of a total of three.
40:30 - Now this was a great moment in the match as Federer missed a high ball and failed to convert it to a smash (out) Nadal wins point four and game point opportunity.
Deuce: Roger win the deuce and an irritated Nadal looks down and angers himself.
Advantage and Match Point: Federer and commentator says “that shot was not beautiful but sublime stuff from Federer.
2nd Deuce: A twelve shot rally ends with Nadal pulling of a left forehand shot.
Advantage and second Match point for Federer: Ace.
3rd Deuce: Nadal prevents Federer and scores an amazing topspin shot winner.
Advantage Federer: Second ace of game nine.
Match Point Federer: Nadal shot goes wide and Federer wins.

So, finally Federer fends off Nadal for reaching in All England Tennis Championship (ALTC) finals and this will be Roger’s 12th Wimbledon final and out of 12 he have won the competition a record nine times and lost only thrice and the 37 year old will face Novak Djokovic in Sunday’s final who earlier in the day defeated Spaniard Robert Bautista Agut in a four set decider just like semi-final two and this was the 353rd win for Swiss maestro Roger Federer in Grand Slam format.

After the match was over Federer got a quick interview with ALTC where he said that it was an “Exhausting match” (following two rallies of 25 and 26 shots) and Federer performed poorly in his first serve for which he said “I had spell where I was serving bad” and he enjoyed 12th July match as he said “I enjoyed playing against Rafa and I think it went my way” and he finished his six minutes interview by saying few words of Novak Djokovic “I hope I can push to the brink in match against Djoko.”
Final Score: 7-7 (3-7), 6-1, 6-3, 6-4 and Roger Federer wins semi-final two by 3-1.

Tomorrow we will see world no. 10 Serena Williams chasing her 24th Grand Slam title and will face world no. 7 Simona Halep in Women’s Single Final on Centre Court at 1:00 PM GMT.

July 13, 2019 in Tennis

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