Miniature Golf

Miniature Golf

Mini golf or Miniature golf is a very-old sport and its history starts from 1867 in Scotland, when women were not allowed to play golf as it was considered inappropriate for women to have a backswing but these ladies were golf obsessives so, first they made a mini-golf course of grass then, for playing they used a putter because a putter doesn’t require a full backswing and they formed the first mini golf club in the world and named it Ladies Putting Club. Soon men also started playing mini-golf in their free time.
Mini Golf Coming to the USA:
Slowly the game was spreading in entire Europe but still, Americans were unaware of the sport then, in 1915 James Barber designed a golf course in North Carolina, it soon became an overnight success as people started learning about the game and a whole community was forming in North Carolina.

Great Depression and Mini Golf:

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Now, as we know golf is rich men’s game so, playing golf in 1929 was near to impossible as people couldn't afford to play in golf clubs, still some people played golf near their home or their locality as they used old tires, cans, gutters, boxes as their target which was mini golf and one man made most of the trend as Garnet Carter started designing crazy golf courses named Tom Thumb Golf Course which featured windmills, light lamps as obstructions and his mini-golf courses were a hit as he started expanding his business by setting up mini golf courses around the US and here, he did a very important thing as he patented every course he made and by the end of 1929, Carter controlled 25% of the mini-golf business and 10 years later, 4 million people in America were playing the sport.
Opposing Mini Golf:
Mini Golf is a great recreational sport with a variety of forms originally made for fun but Don Clayton was against it and he wanted mini-golf to be a serious sport so, in 1953 Clayton started his own company named Putt-Putt golf and it was similar to mini-golf but without any gimmick obstruction like windmills, statues and Putt-Putt golf courses had bumps, borders for deflecting the ball and many more.
Today, the no. (4 million) has fallen a lot to just 5000 mini-golf courses in the USA.

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By Dhruv Trivedi

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