Gujarat’s Aaron Rocky gets selected for two amateur tournaments in Australia

Gujarat’s Aaron Rocky gets selected for two amateur tournaments in Australia

Recently, India’s highest governing golf body, Indian Golf Union announced the Indian team consisting of three players namely Rohan Dhole Patil, Anant Singh and Aaron Rocky, the trio have been selected to participate in Australian tour consisting of two international Amateur tournaments.

From the above three, Aaron Rocky is from Gujarat and is a very talented golf player from Gujarat’s city of Baroda, Aaron Rocky started playing golf at tender age of 19, when he become a member at Baroda’s premier golf clubs- Gaekwad Baroda Club and for next two year’s Aaron stayed in Gaekwad club to nurture all his skills in Golf and at the same time Aaron was also participating in various local Baroda city golf tournaments and won almost every tournament there. After nurturing his skills in Baroda, now it was time for understanding the game better and mastering some aspects of the game so, Aaron moved to the prestigious Poona Golf Club which has hosted many national Golfing tournaments and to be part of such big club was an honour for him and there in Poona Golf Club, Aaron met his future coach Aditya Kanitkar which helped him further to become better.

Aaron Rocky

As of 2020, Aaron Rocky has got 8 top ten finishes from a total of 19 competitions (from 2017 to 2019) which is an impressive number and due to this he is ranked fifth in national rankings in the Amateur circuit.
The very talented and hardworking Aaron Rocky will be part of the Australia tour consisting of not one but two international tournaments, 2020 Amateur golf championship played at Brisbane city in Queensland and one of Australia’s oldest golf tournament NSW Amateur Championships at Sydney, both tournaments will start from 14-19 January and 20-24 January respectively.

January 09, 2020 in Golf

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