ITTF extends advertising deal with Nittaku

ITTF extends advertising deal with Nittaku

Today, equipment based manufacturer company increases its business partnership with International Table Tennis Federation till 2020.
Nittaku is a digital sponsor in English and Chinese website of ITTF and another main advertising done by Nittaku is done through YouTube by having Nittaku ITTF Monthly Pongcast which gives analysis every month on ITTF's various competition and players, and is also an award sponsor of annual ITTF Star Awards Female Table Tennis Star.
Kimberly Koh, was satisfied with this agreement and said it is an effective way for cross-promotion and here are the quotes of Koh and Hideki Chiba- 
“This partnership highlights the growing importance of innovative offerings, where connecting fans to brands goes beyond just event sponsorship. By combining a range of digital properties into one long-term portfolio until 2020, this new agreement also ensures better and more effective cross-promotion on the ITTF’s online platforms,” Kimberly Koh, ITTF Head of Sponsorship.
“We are very happy to sign this digital-focused sponsorship extension with the ITTF. The Nittaku ITTF Monthly Pongcast is getting especially popular for table tennis fans across the world by providing a monthly digest of the sport’s key stories on the international stage,” Hideki Chiba, Nittaku Deputy General Manager.

For every big organization Social Media is considered as a great marketing tool and same is for ITTF. This year has given big boost to IITF social media community and having 2.8 million followers, the main areas where ITTF's digital propertie are involved:
1. Sina Weibo, Chinese microblogging website giving 1.1 million followers for ITTF.
2. Zhibo TV or China Sports, it is an interactive high-definition sports event live media platform founded by Xinchuan Online (Beijing) Information Technology Company giving 11 million viewers to ITTF.  
3. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter giving followers to ITTF in some key regions in Asia, Europe and the Americas.
4. ITTF Channel, Official online streaming platform of the ITTF and whose subscribers are increasing everyday.

About  Nittaku:
Nittaku is a Japanese Table Tennis equipment manufacturer for and its real name is Japanese Table Tennis Company and  Nittaku is just a Brand name. The company has sponsored 14 ITTF World Table Tennis Championship with and 3 Olympic Games till date. The company have tie ups with Shanghai Hong Xi which is also a equipment sponsor, brand name Kohji Soichi DHS.
Nittaku's headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan, and has sponsored ITTF digital properties since 2014.

December 07, 2018 in Table Tennis

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