Interview of Aryan Roopa Anand

Interview of Aryan Roopa Anand

Where are you from?
I from Bangalore.
Your home golf course?
I play in KGA (Karnataka Golf Association) Course.
What is your story and when did you started playing golf?
I was eight, when I started, I am actually from Mysore, that’s where it started in GWGC which is the golf course there so, that’s where I started but now, I train in Bangalore.
What did you achieve in your junior career?
So, I won the all-India amateur last year and I also won the Gujarat Amateur Open in 2019 and I also did win the Singapore Junior in 2019 so, this three are one of my biggest achievements.
Was the Singapore event your first international event you played?
Yeah, as in my first junior international.
Your favorite Indian golfer?
I mean, it’s a tough one, there is only one guy who is sticking on the PGA Tour so, I would say Anirban Lahiri is one of the guys I really look up to because he has made up there and if not that then I mean on this tour definitely Viraj Madappa he been more like a brother and a role model to me so, he is the kind of guy I look up to.
And favorite international golfer?
Tiger Woods for sure, hands down.
Is amateur career difficult?
Any new platform is difficult to set in, let it be transiting from zonal junior to national junior or even amateur to even turning pro so, it does take some time to accustom because the field is different, the competition is different, the expectations are different so, yeah, it’s never easy but as in time you start understanding what needs to be improve, what can be done better.
Your favorite golf course?
I love Kalhar, I love coming out here, as this is one of my favorite tracks I played so far so, this is one of my favorite courses.
Do you think long golf courses are difficult to play?
I mean definitely its advantage for guys hit it up a mile but end of the day you still have to put the ball in the hole whoever puts in the least number of shots is the eventual winner so, it doesn’t really matter if the course is long or short as long as you are on your top of your game.
Your one memorable win that you cherish?
Definitely the All-India Amateur which I won because it’s seven days of gruesome golf and to be at that focal point for over seven days and play the way I did, is one of the highlights so, definitely that.
Have you played in the qualifying school?
No, I intend to this year but because of Covid and the new rules and stuff, it didn’t happen so, I am looking forward to going next year.
What is the role of PGTI in promoting golf in India?
With Covid and stuff a lot of things were in hot and yet PGTI somehow managed to power through it and they did have four-five events towards the end of last year so, in terms of promoting golf they are doing fantastic job and they have about 10-15 years, of course this is a stepping stone for lot of amateur, pro golfers to make it bigger stage so, yeah PGTI is doing a great job and the way the golfers are playing the future is very bright in India.
Does your family support you to play golf professional?
Definitely, they have been very supportive and I am playing for about 10 years now and they are supporting me in through every stage and their support is very important.
People say “golf is a rich man’s game” what do you have to say about that?
Yeah, it is and I look at it as an investment and this is something I want to pursue so, who knows five years down the line I probably making three-four times the money than I have spent or maybe even more so, it’s an investment and if you are going to a medical school, you are still goanna pay 50-60 lakhs for your entry right, it’s the same thing, you are paying money for your clubs that’s goanna be your bread and butter and jam four-five years down the line so, yeah definitely out of all the sports it is on an expensive side but I mean it is a profession so, investment needs to made.
What is the next thing you need to improve in your golf game?
I just need to play more competition, this is my first event after more than a year so, coming out here, and playing more and my game is in good shape and I had the opportunity to come out and play.
So, why didn’t you play in 2020 when the PGTI staged four events from November to December 2020?
The PGTI were just restarting so, I don’t think they were allowing amateur golfers to compete so, they have 125-126 players playing and its really cruel on our part to taking away one or two spots and I think PGTI also realized the same, our amateur tour is starting next week so, that is something I am looking forward to but glad they could allow amateur golfers like me to come out and play this week.
When you play in a tournament where majority of players are pros and very few amateurs so, do hang out with pros or stay with your amateur group?
No, I am very close to a lot of pros because coming from Bangalore and we have got a lot of professional golfers over there so, end of the day you are all competing against each other no matter you are amateur or pro you are coming here, to win so, you can be jolly dolly fun with them but you what you are looking at the end of the week.
Your aim in coming three years?
Definitely to be one of top Indian Golfers and yeah, I am looking forward to turning pro next year and maybe another three-five years I want to be in the Asian Tour and hopefully on the European Tour so, that is my goal, let’s see how time takes and what shapes up.

By Dhruv Trivedi

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March 02, 2021 in Interviews

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