2019 Gujarat State Table Tennis Championship

2019 Gujarat State Table Tennis Championship

Surat is all set to host State Championship in Surat next month at Tapti Valley International School which will witness 745 players fighting for 10 trophies.

This will be great opportunity for young and senior players and senior because this State Championship will see the return of veteran players like Chintan Oza and Bhavin Desai who return to state championship after couple of years.

The biggest news of the tournament is that defending champion Manush Shah will miss State Championship this year because he will participate Seamaster 2019 ITTF World Tour and it’s part of ITTF’s platinum and both event timing as clashing as coincidently dates of both events (state and international) are from 30th May-2nd May and actually China Open have started from 28th but this is first stages of China Open and is already over and it was between 28-29 May and main event starts from tomorrow.
So, Kutch based Ishaan Hingorani will have a great opportunity plays his natural attacking game after his fellow doubles partner Manush is not playing for national duty and two improved players from Dhairya Parmar and Chitrax Bhatt Ahmedabad and improved because their feet movement, reflexes and temperament has seen a sea-change.

In Women’s section, spot light will be on the defending women's champion Frenaz as this will be first tournament after getting married earlier this year. Kausha was part of the 50 participants at the camp. Last year she came tantalizingly close to upset Frenaz at Vadodara.
Gujarat State Championship will begin from 30 May to 2 June 2019 in South Gujarat.

May 29, 2019 in Table Tennis

Morocco and USA shortlisted for hosting ITTF World Championship 2021

Morocco and USA shortlisted for hosting ITTF World Championship 2021

Finally a new continent to host the ITTF World Championship after International Table Tennis Federation decided to add Agadir, Morocco (African Continent) and Houston, United States of America (North America Continent).

It took ITTF 82 years to find a new continent rather than the usual Asia and Europe because between the two continents, World Championship has been hosted 54 times (including 2019 World Championship) and 1939 was only time ITTF World Championship was hosted outside the two continents and that was in Cairo, Egypt.

The 2019 World Championship is a month shy and we just had bids of the 2021 and 2022 championship in which five nations participated for the bidding namely USA, Morocco, China, Japan, and Portugal are invited to deliver their final bid presentation along with all 226 National Associations for voting at the ITTF Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Budapest, Hungary, where a final decision on the hosts for the 2021 and 2022 ITTF World Table Tennis Championships Finals will be made in April 2019.

Following the move ITTF CEO Steve Dainton said:
“The quality of the final bids for 2021 and 2022 are extremely exciting and it’s with great pride that in 2021 the World Championships Finals will be taking in a brand new market for the ITTF.”
“This can only be fantastic news for table tennis globally. Last week, I was in Houston, which is an amazing sports city, and I have reports from colleagues that Morocco is also very excited to have the chance to host our biggest event, so what an intriguing race this will be for staging the 2021 World Championships Finals! The ITTF should and must be proud that it took some brave decisions last year in Halmstad which has therefore allowed us to have these bids.”
“Then for 2022, we have Japan and China, two Asian power houses, bidding alongside an emerging European table tennis nation in Portugal. In my time at the ITTF I have never remembered 3 bids for the WTTC and again it proves our changes are bearing fruit.”
“The site inspections in Kitakyushu, Chengdu and Lisbon were very positive and it will be interesting to see which of the three candidates will win the vote of trust at the AGM taking place this April in Budapest.”

Now is a crucial time in the final evaluation process, as the ITTF has concluded site inspections in all five countries remaining in the hunt to host the final stage of the sport’s biggest event of the respective calendar years.
The 2019 World Championship will begin from 21 to 28 April 2019 at Budapest, Hungary and will feature 5 events.

April 18, 2019 in Table Tennis

Interview with Manush Shah

Interview with Manush Shah

Baroda born Table Tennis player Manush Shah today won his second gold medal in Khelo India Youth Games 2019 in Table Tennis after winning his first medal in Boys Doubles with Ishaan Higorani and later today he gives interview to DKT Sports and shares his expirence of the victory.


How was your performance in this tournament?
I won gold medal in both Singles and Doubles for Gujarat and I tried my best to bring a change in Gujarat’s Medal Tally.

And you yourself are a left hander and is there any advantage of being a left hander in Table Tennis?
Lefties have always have an upper hand over right-handers because it is said that lefties are difficult for right-handers if his/her skills are properly nourished.

You’re Inspiration?
Xu Xin of China.

Other than Table Tennis?
Virat Kohli

What are your future aims?
I am currently ranked tenth in world juniour rankings and my aim is to become world no.1 in juniour category.

Beneficial of Gujarat State Table Tennis Association?
GSTTA’s contribution was very important as they organise a national camp and it is beneficial for every Gujarat player as every player come there and practice together which forms bonding and unity both and play a very big role for players career.

What’s you’re playing style?
Technical Attacking.

And Talking about playing style then recently I interviewed Ishaan and he also said attacking so, when you both play together in doubles does it makes the game easy?
No game can be considered easy and when we are comfortable, a lefty, righty combination and as well as both having attacking style can matter a little bit.

Can this performance be considered as top three of your career?
No, this cannot come in top three.

How were the facilities in Khelo Youth Games India 2019?
Food and accommodation as well as transport facility and all three things were good along with table tennis racquet, room, hall, tables were of international quality and it was very favourable for players.

And a lot juniors are you watching your progress so, what they can learn from you?
If my juniors are seeing me live then they should learn how to technically control pressure as I myself is still learning from experience that how to control pressure in tense situation through mental strength.

Talking about pressure then, when you lost first two games in final and later won three games in row to win the match so, what is your view about this?
I believed that when we lost that second game we didn’t lost the match and that helped us.

Who do you tribute this victory to?
All benefit goes to my coaches and parents.

Some words for your doubles partner Ishaan?
Ishaan and I have been together for a while now and have been representing Gujarat and he is my doubles partner for last four years which means we have a lot experience of playing doubles and we were expecting a gold here at KIYG.

January 20, 2019 in Table Tennis

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